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Know More About Car Insurance

What is Car Insurance?

A comprehensive car insurance policy for your car often referred to as motor-package insurance, can save you money if your vehicle is damaged due to accidents or a natural catastrophe. It also protects your vehicle against burglary and theft. Sometimes, you could be liable for harming someone or damaging property due to an accident. Insurance policies for cars cover these third-party liabilities in addition. If you possess a vehicle in India, then third-party insurance is essential. It is, therefore, necessary to renew and purchase your policy at the right time to ensure you are on the right side of the law. You'll also be insured against damage to your car. You can select the type of insurance policy according to your requirements.

Types of Car Insurance Policies

  • Comprehensive Package Policy

A comprehensive car insurance policy for your vehicle gives you complete security. It will not only cover the cost of the damages caused to a third party but also damage to your vehicle. This insurance includes car theft and damage caused by fire, natural disasters, and burglary.

  • Stand-alone own-damage car insurance

With stand-alone own-damage car insurance, you are protected in the event of accidental damage to your vehicle. This could be caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods, cyclones, and landslides, as well as by man-made disasters such as burglary, theft, strikes, or riots. For this type of insurance to be purchased, you must have a valid third-party insurance policy for the vehicle.

  • Third-party car insurance

With this insurance policy, you are protected from legal liability that results from an accident. If your vehicle causes injury to a third party or damages property around it, then the insurance company will pay for the damages.

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